Querwege e. V.

Our guiding concept

Guiding Star

  • We welcome everyone in all their diversity.
  • We support them in celebrating their uniqueness and in playing an active role in a democratic society.


Our standards, resources and aim of our actions are based on diversity.

  • We practise equal opportunities in our institutions and in our services.
  • We are open to new ideas and suggestions due to our achievements.
  • We explore existing boundaries and develop liberating alternatives.
  • We express our principles openly in society.
  • We provide a working environment that reflects our basic principles.


  • We guarantee quality by providing professional work in interdisciplinary cooperation.
  • We offer opportunities to develop as an individual and to create space for team processes.
  • We stand up for our colleagues.
  • We make sure to reach democratic decisions.
  • We believe that well-functioning and changing structures as well as reflection and evaluation are essential to develop and adopt ideas and processes.