Querwege e. V.

Our structure and guiding concept


In 1993 the organisation QuerWege was founded. Just as the children and adolescents that we have accompanied, the organisation has grown from two institutions (early development centre and the Kindergarten Schwabenhaus) with about 20 employees. To over 220 people who now work for and contribute to QuerWege.

QuerWege has two subsidiaries the non profit QuerWege Projektgesellschaft mbH which provides physiotherapy services and family support and QuerWege Projektgesellschaft mbH responsible for the hotel and café. These developments required and instigated large scale structural changes. In the years since the foundation of QuerWege, there have been many developments to adapt to changing times. At the members meeting on 12th June 2014 the board of management for the organisation was reorganised and the decision was taken to have a voluntary council of elected members to support the continuing development of Querwege.

Members meeting, council and board of management

The progress of the organisation is steered by the members, the voluntary council and the board of managers.
The council consists solely of members who are voted for at the Annual General Meeting. The council acts in accordance with the core principles of the organisation’s operation and oversees the activity of the Board.
The Board is approved by the council and consists of long standing full time employees. The Board is responsible for the business operation. The Board guides and directs the daily business and employees of the organisation QuerWege.

Our guiding concept

Guiding Star

  • We welcome everyone in all their diversity.
  • We support them in celebrating their uniqueness and in playing an active role in a democratic society.


Our standards, resources and aim of our actions are based on diversity.

  • We practise equal opportunities in our institutions and in our services.
  • We are open to new ideas and suggestions due to our achievements.
  • We explore existing boundaries and develop liberating alternatives.
  • We express our principles openly in society.
  • We provide a working environment that reflects our basic principles.


  • We guarantee quality by providing professional work in interdisciplinary cooperation.
  • We offer opportunities to develop as an individual and to create space for team processes.
  • We stand up for our colleagues.
  • We make sure to reach democratic decisions.
  • We believe that well-functioning and changing structures as well as reflection and evaluation are essential to develop and adopt ideas and processes.