Querwege e. V.

Inclusion at QuerWege

Inclusion means that diversity is normal and is accepted as part of everyday life. Inclusion supports the ideals and values of integration further. Whereas integration makes room for a person (a disabled school pupil) in the wider established community. The goal of inclusion is that from the beginning an environment is created for everyone to blossom. In this community every person has a place, is included and treated equally.

QuerWege has a great deal of experience with integration and inclusion. In the years that followed the founding of the organisation, a desire to create and developed the principles of Inclusion in the educational institutions was established. It should be the case that, as a matter of course, all children play together, learn together and can live alongside each other. With this in mind we have encouraged conditions and developed an atmosphere where all children have the same equal opportunities.

Inclusion is a concept that challenges society. We carry these ideals into the community and create conditions for joyful, vibrant, fair and a diverse interwoven society.